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Scotland has yet to make an official appearance in the manga, and was initially a fanmade character.

He is now a Canon character seeing as Hidekaz Himaruya (creator of Hetalia) posted a sketch on his blog which contained all three of England's brothers. Their official identities within the photo have yet to be revealed.

Scotland appeared during the anime, Hetalia, in "Season 2- Axis Powers, Episode 40: The Battle For America, Part 2" and is heard talking to England in depiction of a bird and hitting his forehead teasingly during their younger years.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Name - Allistor Kirkland
  • Age - Appears to be in mid 20's
  • Gender - Male
  • Birthday - November 30th
  • Height - 182 cm
  • Nation: Scotland


(NOTE: This is how the FANS have made him, this is not an offical character design) Scotland usually is drawn with scarlet/maroon colored hair. His eyes are usually colored an auburn shade
APH Scotland by Junez chan

Name: Scott Kirkland

with a tint of green, although grey would be more accurate, most likely to link the family relationship with himself and England. His two other brothers', Ireland and Wales, eyes are commonly drawn with a tint of yellow/green as well.

Scotland is sometimes seen wearing a brown vest with a white collar shirt, but is most commonly seen with a navy-blue military uniform. His uniform also includes brown gloves and matching boots. His signature item is a cigarette/cigar that he is seen holding in his hand or mouth.

As a child, his attire involved a blue cloak that hung around his neck, usually tied with a brown button/string attached to it, a loose white shirt, and a brown leather belt. He also wears green pants with brown leather boots over them.


Scotland's personality is easy-going, stubborn, loud, rude, and he can be a softy. He is kind to his family and whatever you do don't make him mad or he will be hard to control.


England (1) - His relationship with his younger brother is a bit rocky. The two never see themselves eye to eye and always bicker. Scotland seems to tease England with his relationship with America, resulting in an argument on who tops who. The two brothers are seen to have a secret admiration toward one another but when it shown; Scotland has an insult to shot back at his younger brother. France is one of the countries that usually ends the bickering, though they shoot their argument back at him.

England (2) - Fan-girls have seen a potential couple over these two as people view their relationship as a love-hate notion. Their constant arguements and bickering had led this couple to a romantic view for fanfic authors. Their personalities set together is seen as stubborn and tsundere. It's England we're talking about, though Scott, being as his brother, has seen other sides of his baby brother behind the closed door. Scotland also seems to be pointed to have a stubborn personality, though he is shown to have a soft spot with people close to him, or he can just be a jack ass.

England (3) - Going from historical facts Scotland and England are a married couple.  Due to the end of their war being settled by the Treaty of Union combining the two countries into one (much like Austria and Hungary's previous treaty) it has been speculated that Scotland is actually England's wife/husband that has simply not made an appearance yet.

France - France and Scotland had their fair share together over the years, forming an alliance to stay independent over the Great Britain wars. Though their efforts were once seen as vain, it soon turned to be golden as the victory was then theirs. Their bonds are set strong when their alliance is put to the test when the Battle of Bauge was set. As the victory was soon theirs, they had then sent supporting troops to one another and had helped each other when it is necessary. The young nations had then began to date when their ex-bosses soon married and formed a treaty with one another. 200 years later the treaty was then officially ended as the Treaty of Edinburgh when Scotland was recognized as a Protestant; even though their relationship as a nation was still unstable through the 18th century. Though apart, Scotland still appreciates the French fine taste of wines and their help during the alliance in the 12th century. Their relationship still seems mutual, but because of their relationships and history together, it wouldn't be a surprise if their relationship was put up a notch.


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